Medieval Christmas Celebrated in Song (three voices)


Experience the Christmas songs made popular over 600 years ago! Many of today’s holiday traditions have their roots in practices of the Middle Ages. The singing of songs and carols pervaded the lives of our ancestors and LIBER explores this rich tradition by dusting off the original medieval versions of those celebratory tunes. The concert will include such favorites as “There is no rose” and “Coventry Carol” as well some new treasures—drawn from the elegant polyphony of 12th-century France to the merry carols of 15th-century England. Enjoy hearing some old favorites and leave humming some new ones!

William Hudson, tenor and director
Andrew Rader, countertenor
Kathryn Summersett, soprano

Program (subject to change):

Laudes Deo: Lectio Ysaie (English 14th cent.)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (15th cent. English Carol)
Gabriel fram heven-king (English medieval)
Ab ora summa nuncius (English 14th cent.)
Sancta Maria Virgo (English 14th cent.)
Stella Celi (Ritson MS)
Caligo terre scinditur – Virgo mater (English 14th cent.)
Nesciens Mater (Trouluffe & Smert- Riston MS)
Entendez tuit ensemble (Wolfenbuttel MS)
De spineto (Berkeley MS)
Paradisi Porta (English 14th cent.)
Puer Natus (Italian 14th cent.)
Lully: I Saw (15th cent. English Carol)
Resonemus hoc natali (12th century Aquitaine)
Nowell sing we (15th cent. English Carol)
There is no rose (15th cent. English Carol)
Lux Refulget (12th century Aquitaine)


Luget Rachel (Notre-Dame)
Worship we this holy day (15th cent. English Carol)
Coventry Carol (15th cent. English Carol)
Ad Infantum (12th century Aquitaine)
Rachel Plorat (French 14th cent.)
Epiphaniam (Guilliaume DuFay)
Orientis Oriens (12th century Aquitaine)
Illuxit Leticia (English carol)
Balaam (English 14th cent.)
Bon jour bon mois (Guillaume DuFay)