Rome San Pietro Papacy (4 voice program)
The fourteenth-century Papacy found itself at the center of one of the most devisive political conficts in history. The Schism of the Western Church led to the election of up to three popes, one in Rome, one in Avignon, and one in Pisa! The Schism created an enormous outlet for new compositions supporting three different papal seats. LIBER explores the music of this tumultuous time, bringing to life spectacular music performed in San Pietro, Rome as well as the celebratory motets written for the Avingon, Roman, and Pisan popes. Composers include Antonius de Civitate, Matteo da Perugia, Humbertus de Salinis, and Guillaume Du Fay.

William Hudson, tenor
Andrew Rader, countertenor
Daniel Carberg, tenor
Matthew Leese, baritone

Program to include pieces by
Nicolaus Zacharie
Philippus de Caserta
Conradus de Pistoria
Matteo da Perugia
and others . . .